【2017 Real Huawei H12-322 Test Papers】HCNP-WLAN-POEW H12-322-ENU real exam questions

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Share some HCNP-WLAN H12-322-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Assuming that the Root AP is installed on a 30-meter tower with coordinates (0m, 0m), four Leaf APs are at (200m, 100m), (200m, 0m), (800m, 400m) and (1000m, 0m) four locations on the 7-meter utility pole, all devices use the AP6510DN, and the antenna is the same. Each Leaf AP requires 1Mbps bandwidth, local EIRP is unlimited. For Root AP, which of the following antennas is optimal?

A. 11dBi_H60°_V30°

B. 27dBi_H5°_V5°

C. 18dBi_H15°_V15°

D. 13dBi_H15°_V60°

Answer: A

Which of the following options belong to the life cycle phase of the WLAN project? (Multiple choice)

A. Planning

B. deployment

C. upgrade

D. Operation and maintenance

E. Troubleshooting

Answer: ABD

WLAN outdoor coverage planning, using an external 2.4G 3dBi omnidirectional antenna, how much is the proposed coverage radius?

A. 30~50

B. 80~100 meters

C. 150~200 meters

D. 200~250 meters

Answer: B

When using two AC for VRRP networking, what kind of address allocation scheme cannot be used in order to assign the correct address and gateway to the AP?

A. Static specified address scheme

B. DHCP interface pool scheme

C. DHCP global pool scheme

D. DHCP relay scheme

Answer: B

About the description of the AP9330DN feeder, which of the following statement is wrong? (Multiple choice)

A. The same length of the feeder, 5GHz attenuation value is less than 2.4GHz attenuation value.

B. With the same AP9330DN, all feeders must be kept equal.

C. Feeder is divided into four kinds of specifications, cannot be made on-site.

D. The same length of the feeder, 5GHz attenuation value is greater than 2.4GHz attenuation value.

Answer: AB

Which of the following statement about the WLAN indoor distribution system and the existing operator’s indoor distribution Combiner is wrong?

A. WLAN signal and GSM, CDMA, 3G and other signals are not in the same frequency and the combiner has a high degree of isolation, so there is no interference between the different band signals

B. The existing indoor distribution devices (power splitter/coupler/antenna) also need to support WLAN 2.4G band, otherwise need to replace the indoor distribution devices

C. Operator signals can meet the coverage requirements, access to WLAN signals can also meet generally

D. There is a shunt-wound topological relationship between the indoor distribution APs, and multiple APs are not allowed to install in series on a branch.

Answer: C

How many APs can ACU2 manage?

A. 512

B. 1024

C. 2048

D. 4096

Answer: C

Which of the following statements on the indoor distribution devices are right? (Multiple choice)

A. combiner can compound multiplexed input signal to one way to output, reverse filter and separate the mixed signal

B. One signal can be divided into multi-channel signal by Power splitter to output

C. The coupler is a power divider with unequal output power that removes the desired signal energy from the mainline to the remote antenna and allocates more signal energy to the proximal antenna

D. WLAN indoor distribution network generally use microstrip power splitter, relative to the cavity power splitter, power is low, and cost is low.

Answer: ABD

In Huawei WLAN network program, the 5W controlled by fine strategy, what kind of control does What refer to?

A. Permission control based on user role

B. Time-based access control

C. Location-based access control

D. Policy control based on terminal type

Answer: D

Which of the following is typical WLAN high-density access scenario?

A. Wireless cash register

B. Mobile ward-round

C. stadiums

D. asset location

Answer: C

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