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Published: February 3, 2017
Languages: English, Japanese
Audiences: IT professionals, Developers
Technology: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise
Credit toward certification: MCP, MCSA

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Share some MCSA MB2-716 exam questions and answers below.
You need to display data that is referenced by a lookup field on a form. Which option should you use?
A. Quick Find View
B. Associated View
C. Quick View
D. Public View
Answer: D

Which statement regarding ordering of items in the mobile navigation menu is
A. Menu item placement is governed by mobile offline settings.
B. Menu item placement is based on the site map.
C. Most recently used entities appear first.
D. Menu items are displayed in alphabetical order.
Answer: A

You add a lookup for contacts to the case form.You need to display the most recent primary phone number for a contact on the case form while minimizing administrative effort.What should you do?
A. Use a workflow to copy the phone number to a new field on the case when the contact changes.
B. Use a quick view form to display the phone number.
C. Use a web resource to query and display the phone number.
D. Use field mapping during record creation to copy the phone number to a new field on the case.
Answer: D

You configure a 1:N relationship between two entities and set the cascade rule for deletion to Referential.
What effect does deleting the parent record have on any child records?
A. The child records remain but the link to the parent record is removed.
B. The parent record cannot be deleted until all of the child records are first deleted.
C. The child records are deleted and the link to the parent record shows as deleted.
D. The child records are deleted along with the parent record.
Answer: D

Which two statements are exclusive to managed solutions and not unmanaged solutions? Fach correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. You cannot export the solution.
B. When you remove the solution, all components items included in the solution are removed.
C. You must define entity assets for every entity that you add to the solution.
D. You must select a publisher for the solution
Answer: BC

You are creating a set of system views. Which three options can you configure for the views? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. read, write, and delete permissions
B. append, assign, and share permissions
C. default sort order for results
D. the widths of each column
E. the columns to display
Answer: CDE

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