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Update Microsoft MB6-895 Questions and Answers

You are the fixed asset manager at Contoso, Ltd. You have recently inventoried the company’s laptops, identified several laptops that have reached end of life, and decided to sell the laptops.You need to generate a document and record the sale of each asset.What should you create?
A. a fixed asset journal
B. a sales order
C. a return purchase order
D. a free text invoice
Answer: D

You are implementing the budget control feature for Contoso, LTD You need to configure the system based on the requirements you have gathered.Which three settings can be defined for the Budget control configuration feature? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. the various transactions that will have a budget check performed
B. the transactions to be included and excluded in the budget funds available
C. the budget planning stages and templates for uploading the budget
D. the main accounts and financial dimensions to be validated
E. the worldflow that is required when a budget is exceeded
Answer: BDE

You are creating a budget register entry for rent. You created a line for account 671450 with cost center 10 for an amount of 8,900.00 USD.You need to duplicate the line for each month of the year.What should you do?
A. Use the allocate across period feature.
B. Use the allocate across dimensions feature.
C. Create a recurring entry.
D. Create a periodic journal.
Answer: C

You are responsible for budget and are currently creating a budget.You need to identify the steps that the budget plan will contain.Which budget planning feature should you use to identify the steps?
A. budget planning stages
B. budget planning workflow stages
C. budget plan scenarios
D. budget plan priorities
Answer: A

You need ensure that you have the most current data to manage customer collections.What should you create first?
A. a customer aging snapshot
B. a customer pool
C. a customer account statement
D. a customer balance list
Answer: A

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