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Share some HCNP-R&S H12-222-ENU exam questions and answers below.
As shown in the figure, configured MPLS LSP in the network, and implemented local LDP session between SWA and SWB, then which of the following statements is true?

A. Configuration is correct
B. The mpls Isr-id on two devices can not be configured the same
C. Do not need to globally enable MPLS
D. Do not need to enable MPLS on the port
Answer: B

DHCP server assigned to the client’s dynamic IP address, usually have a certain lease period, then which description about the lease period is not correct?
A. The lease update timer is 50% of the total lease term. When the Lease Update timer expires, the DHCP client must update the IP address.
B. The rebinding timer is 87.5% of the total lease term.
C. If the re-binding timer expires, but the client does not receive a response from the server, it will send a DHCP REQUEST packet to the DHCP server that has previously assigned an IP address until the total lease term expires.
D. During the lease term, if the client receives a DHCP NAK packet, the client will immediately stop using the IP address and returns to the initial state to re-apply for a new IP address.
Answer: C

Which of the following options does the role of Agile Controller server not include?
A. Business Manager
B. Business controller
C. Security manager
D. Business checker
Answer: D

ASPF (Application Specific Packet Filter) is a kind of Packet Filter based on the application layer, it will check the application layer protocol information and monitor the application layer protocol status of the connection, and through the Server Map table to achieve a special security mechanism.
Then which statement about the ASPF and Server map table is not correct?
A. ASPF monitors the messages in the communication process.
B. ASPF dynamically create and delete filtering rules.
C. ASPF through the Servermap table to implement dynamic multi-channel protocol data will be allowed to pass.
D. Quintuple Server-map table item implements similar functions to the session table.
Answer: D

Man-in-the-Middle Attack or IP/MAC Spoofing attack all can lead to information leakage and other hazards, and are more common in the Intranet.
In order to prevent Man-in-the-Middle Attack or IP/MAC spoofing attacks, which configuration methods can be used?
A. Configure the Trusted/Untrusted interface.
B. Limit the maximum number of MAC addresses that allowed to learn on the switch interface.
C. Open DHCP snooping to check the CHADDR field function in DHCP REQUEST packets.
D. Configure DHCP snooping on the switch with DAI or IPSG linkage.
Answer: D

IntServ model, before the application sends a message, need to apply for reservation resources to the network.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

LDF is a protocol specifically formulated for label distribution. There are many types of its messages. The messages used to advertise and maintain an LSR existence in the network is( ).
A. Discovery message
B. Session message
C. Advertisement message
D. Notification message
Answer: A

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