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Share some Huawei Specialist Certification H19-308-ENU exam questions and answers below.
If customers want to deal with business growth smoothly, reducing the investment of the initial equipment, which of the following software function can be recommended to customers?

A. Thin provisioning

B. Snapshot

C. Remote Copy

D. Deduplication


What is the role of SmartPartition?

A. Use SSD to extend second level cache

B. storage resources virtual pooling

C. Specify cache quota (core) for core business

D. Volume space sharing, on-demand distribution

Answer: C

The backup scheme focuses on the recoverability of the data, and the disaster recovery program focuses on the continuity of the application.



Answer: A

Which of the following product is not included in T series unified storage?






Which of the following features are currently supported by the S2600T V2? (Multiple Choice)

A. Array Snapshot HyperSnap

B. Remote Replication HyperReplication

C. SmartCache

D. Thin Provisioning SmartThin

E. Multi-controller (>2)

Answer: ABCD

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