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Share some HCDA H12-211-ENU exam questions and answers below.
[Huawei] user-interface console 0
[Huawei-ui-console0] user privilege level 15
[Huawei-ui-console0] authentication-mode password
[Huawei-ui-console0] set authentication password cipher huawei2012
[Huawei-ui-console0] quit
Which of the following statements about the above configuration commands is wrong?
A. administrators want to login and manage equipment through the console port
B. after configuration is complete, the administrator cannot implement the equipment management through remote login way
C. the users who login the equipment through the console had the highest privilege level
D. the users login the equipment through the console, whose password is “cipher huawei2012”
Answer: D

About the static and dynamic routing, which of the following statement is not correct?
A. Static routing configuration in the enterprise application is simple, easy management
B. After administrator deploying dynamic routing protocols in enterprise networks, the late maintenance and extension can be more convenient.
C. After the link failure, static routing can automatically complete the network convergence
D. Dynamic routing protocol takes up more system resources than the static routing.
Answer: C

Which of the following state description is wrong about Spanning Tree protocol Forwarding?( )
A. Forwarding state port can receive BPDU message
B. Forwarding state port does not learn message source MAC address
C. Forwarding state port can forward data message
D. Forwarding state port can send BPDU message
Answer: B

When using Tracert program to test the path which reach the destination node, by default each TTL value Traceroute be measured ( ) times.
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: A

The following two configuration commands can realize router standby backup to the same destination
[RTA] ip route-static 24 permanent
[RTA] ip route-static 24
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

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