[Real H31-311 Questions] HCNA Transmission H31-311-ENU test questions

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Share some HCNA-Transmission H31-311-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following does the advantage of WDM mainly include? (Multiple choice)

A. Large capacity, the data "transparent" transmission

B. System upgrade easy, upgrade can maximally protect existing investments

C. can fully replace the SDH equipment

D. Compatible with future all-optical switching networks

E. High degree of networking flexibility, economy and reliability

Answer: ABDE

Four network elements form STM-4 bi-directional multiplex section protection ring. Which of the following is the maximum service capacity on the network?

A. 1008 2M

B. 504 2M

C. 252 2M

D. 63 2M

Answer: B

Which of the following description about MPLS is not correct? (Multiple choice)

A. MPLS: Multi-protocol Label Switching, a non-standardized routing and switching technology platform

B. P/PE: P (Provider) is an MPLS network internal node, PE (Provider Edge) for the MPLS network edge

C. PE->P operates as Egress, and the MPLS label is added to the client signal

D. P->P operates as Ingress and exchanges MPLS labels

Answer: ACD

Currently the most used is the 2Mbit/s signal, which of the following steps are involved in the process of 2Mbit/s signal multiplexing into the STM-N? (Multiple choice)

A. Rate adaptation

B. Add a pointer

C. add the section overhead

D. Scrambling code

Answer: ABC

Which of the following steps will low-speed business to be multiplexed into the high-speed SDH business generally go through? (Multiple choice)

A. Mapping

B. Overhead insertion

C. Positioning

D. Multiplexing

Answer: ACD

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