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Share some CAMS Certification CAMS exam questions and answers below.
A prospective AML officer comes highly recommended by a bank¡¯s up-stream correspondent institution of similar size and make-up, located in a different city in the same country. The bank is interested in hiring the individual. What should be the next step taken by the Board of Directors?
A. Do a thorough background check
B. Confer with its regulatory agency to determine whether it is appropriate to hire the person
C. Hire the individual, relying on the recommendation of its correspondent
D. Hire the individual on a probationary basis so that the institution can determine if the individual is sufficiently experienced and capable
Answer: A

To ensure that an institution¡¯s anti-money laundering program is current, which step should be taken?
A. The program should be evaluated and updated at least every six months be the Board of
B. The program should be reviews by a federal law enforcement officer for gaps in controls
C. The program should be sent to the institution¡¯s government regulator on a periodic basis
D. The program should be reassessed at least annually
Answer: D

Which type of transactions present the highest risk?
A. Wire transfers from a publicly listed company
B. Payroll payments
C. Social insurance payments
D. Foreign exchanges
Answer: D

Which two aspects of the security broker dealer industry increase its exposure to money laundering? Choose 2 answers
A. The routine use of wire transfers from, to or through multiple jurisdictions
B. They easy conversion of holdings to cash with significant loss of principal
C. Disposing of cash through securities purchases
D. Fast paced transactions conducted electronically
Answer: C, D

According to experts, what is the most effective way to prevent money laundering through financial institutions?
A. Ensuring that transaction monitoring systems can identify terrorist financing
B. Collecting information on beneficial owners and foreign customers
C. Instituting a policy prohibiting the acceptance of funds intended for terrorist financing
D. Implementing a sound customer due diligence program
Answer: D

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